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The Fab Lab runs workshops and tours for small groups and organizations! We’re excited to introduce learners of all kinds to digital fabrication and rapid prototyping

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Free Training in the FabLab is based on doing projects and learning from your peers; you’re expected to contribute to documentation and instruction.Workshops they are educational programs given by the fab lab staff to introduce people to new subjects and giving the first steps in the world of digital fabrication

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Fab labs are available as a community resource, offering open access for individuals as well as scheduled access for programs .Users of all ages and backgrounds can take advantage of several services at the lab

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Fab Labs are a global network of local labs,enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication

Solid Community

People is what make the Fab Lab go.Space for the people by the people


Fab Lab share a evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared


What is a Fab Lab?

Fab labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication

Fab Labs  (digital fabrication laboratories) were set up to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes by giving them access to a range of advanced digital manufacturing technology.The Fab Lab was designed around the emerging possibility for ordinary people to not just learn about science and engineering but actually design machines and make measurements that are relevant to improving the quality of their lives and the communities around them.

The idea was conceived by renowned inventor and scientist Professor Neil Gershenfeld atMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His idea was a simple one: to provide the environment, skills, advanced materials and technology to make things cheaply and quickly anywhere in the world, and to make this available on a local basis to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses and in fact, anyone who wants to create something new or bespoke.

Vision and Mission

Open-Source Movement Makers like us are are united by the desire to share knowledge, collaborate and to “make almost anything.” Our lab is open to the public, employs both staff and volunteers and greatly values both diversity and play, as we believe these are necessary for innovation.

Our Philosophy

Fab labs are available as a community resource, offering open access for individuals as well as scheduled access for programs

You can use the FabLab to make almost anything (that doesn’t hurt anyone); you must learn to do it yourself, and you must share use of the lab with others.

Services we offer

The Fab Lab is staffed by friendly highly-skilled technicians who can offer support and training in the use of the equipment. All we ask is that users share their ideas and knowledge and help fellow users to get the most out of the equipment and resources, to build a big and strong community where knowledge is shared on.

Our Commitments

Mixing a local and global context.We offer free open hours for the general public where visitors can explore the space and get help from staff and volunteers as well as use tools and purchase materials at-cost. Families and individual adults may wish to attend our low-cost weekly orientation sessions to learn about more specific tools and activities

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As an innovation and researching center we sometimes got mention in the news,press and other magazines. Here you can see some articles we have saved for you!

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