Easy vinyl cutter

Cameo 3  is an amazing do-all tool for precisely cutting machine for making stickers,pcb and use various types of materials.It is similar to a laser cutter( x-y axes) movements but it is much more easy to use\

  • Up to 12×24 inch (Cameo) work area
  • Good for vinyl (stickers!), heat transfer material, cardstock, photo paper, copy paper, rhinestone template material and some fabrics
  • Uses Silhouette Studio software; import bitmaps (PNG, JPG, GIF) or vector (SVG)
  • You are allowed to sign-up in 2 hour intervals, for no longer than a 4 hour block of time [based on demand] 
  • Users are expected to supply their own bits and cutting stock. In addition, it is the responsibility of the user to leave the mill in a clean and organized manner while using the mill and when completing a job. 
  • Cutting stock should be securely fastened to the milling table by screw holding or double side tape  
  • If you have never milled before, please contact us in advance for help. – secure fastening of the work piece to the milling table  
  • stay close to the shut-off switches  
  • never touching the mill or table during operation.  
  • never leave the cnc working alone 
Approved Materials
  • Plexi-glass
  • Cardboard
  • Copper duct tape
  • Vinlys
  • Papers
Materials Not Allowed
  • All not mentioned in allowed
Video Tutorial

For booking the big size cnc milling machine is a requirement to have taken previously one the Cnc workshop that we offer.This is to ensure that the user knows all the safety procedures and how to use properly the equipment.

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