150W of awesomeness

Our most popular machine,sign up for it right away when you get it! it is usually very busy

  • 1300×900 mmwork area
  • C02 150 watt laser with O2 cut avalaible on demand for cutting stainless steel up to 1.5mm
  • Uses PDF files, cuts lines set to a particular color, rasters another color
  • Please consult our safety guidelines and ask a staff person before you use this device

– Signing up at the webpage reserves the time slot for yourself only…-The time slots are broken up into 60 minutes blocks…you may only sign up for 3 consecutive time slots [180 mins.] maximum If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled time, you will probably be skipped in case someone wants to use the laser cutter
– If there are no remaining time slots at the door, check with a FAB LAB attendant..s/he might have a slot available
– Make sure that the air assist valve is in the ‘ONʼ position, and that all the switches of the multitab are on
– After every four or five projects, turn off the laser cutter for 20-30 seconds [this allows the laser to recharge]

Approved Materials
  • -Wood [maximum 12m depth]
  • -Plexi-glass -Chipboard
  • -Cardboard
  • -Paper
  • -Leather
  • If in doubt about a particular material,  please ask us
    • More information about it
Materials Not Allowed
  • -Any PVC materials
  • -Foam Core
  • -Mirrored materials
  • -The laser cutter will generally not cut through anything thicker than 12mm
  • – Glass [if used for engraving] should be ‘maskedʼ with masking tape before laser cutting
Video Tutorial

For booking the big size cnc milling machine is a requirement to have taken previously one the Cnc workshop that we offer.This is to ensure that the user knows all the safety procedures and how to use properly the equipment.

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