Bulletproof 3d printer

A cartesian printer with a printing bed or 200x200mm.It is a FDM printer that the  staff usually us, so it must be busy almost all the time!

  • Work with STL files in Cura, to generate gcode
  • One color at a time, prints slowly
  • We always use with PLA
  • Input .stl files (we can convert others)
  • Build size of 20(x) by 20(y) by 20(z) cm
  • Z-depth quality of down to 0.05 mm, nozzle 0.4

-You are allowed to sign-up.[based on demand]
– Users donʼt have to supply their own material, it is included in the fee.
– It is the responsibility of the user to leave the 3dprinter clean ( no small filaments parts) when completing a job.
– For improve the adhesion of the print to the printing bed you dispose of hairspray.
-After finishing the print, you can use palette knife to help you take the model out of the printing bed.(be careful to donʼt damage the kapton tape-yellowish tape)
– If you have never used a 3dprinter before, please contact the staff for help.
– Check that you are using the apropiate software for each machine and that the configuration is the correct (square vs round printing platform)
-Check first that there is enough filament leftover on the 3dprinter
-If the 3dprinter makes strange noise/hits/ strange movements please stop it and contact the staff.
-If you plan to print for long time, put a post it with your name and contact phone on it.

Approved Materials
  • PLA
  • ABS
  • Nylon
Materials Not Allowed
  • All not installed by the Staff
Video Tutorial

For booking the big size cnc milling machine is a requirement to have taken previously one the Cnc workshop that we offer.This is to ensure that the user knows all the safety procedures and how to use properly the equipment.

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