This is a work in progress.Things to be done:
Make a customize PCB amplifier+lipobattery management
Educational kit for kids

A really fully fabricable portable modular speaker, on the size of your hand!
It’s really powerfull, built on high efficient Bluetooth Connection,portable and of course completely customizable
under the Creative Commons license.… a soundsystem you want to show off, like back in the days.
It is so easy to make that even kids can!

Modular Concept for Digital Fabrication

Laser Cutter, 3d printing,all in an open source design.
Glo-cal ideas

Glo-bal shared knowledge and lo-cal production.The third industrial revolution is here.

The concept of the Fab Guetto Blaster is to lets you make all the parts so you can replace, customize,pimp… based on your needs. The lightweight and portable package make it stronger. Using a very efficient class D amplifier allows this magic box to last at least 60 hours of NON STOP

Dedication to Detail . All parts are designed with a dedication to detail,because easy assembly kits can also look AWESOME!

Mobility. In case of the bluetooth version up to two friend can be connected,so everybody can share their taste!
Instructions how to assemble in the github link

Designed by Eduardo Chamorro for Fab Lab Seoul img_9286 img_9290 img_9295 img_9311 img_9346 img_9377 img_9378 img_9390 img_9391 img_9396

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