This is a work in progress.Things to be done: Make a customize PCB amplifier+lipobattery management Educational kit for kids A really fully fabricable portable modular speaker, on the size of [...]

Diy pcb Speaker

Modular Design from Eduardo Chamorro that can be used as passive speaker or electronic one. Pcb made in the srm20 cnc with a bluetooth module on the top Lasercutted acrylic ring to hold the [...]

Cookie Stamps

One chef came to our lab to cut a teflon blank. He used the mini cnc SRM20 to make his stamps! it Took 56hours but it worth  waiting for it. Digital fabrication at is maximum


One of our makers made this speaker to have a puppet in the lab so cute! iT even lights with and arduino pro mini and neopixels according to the music that sounds!

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