-Never leave the machine unattended! ! !

-Users are reponsible for cleaning up after themselves (includin g the tray under the cutting surface

– Signing up at the webpage reserves the time slot for yourself only…-The time slots are broken up into 60 minutes blocks…you may only sign up for 3 consecutive time slots [180 mins.] maximum If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled time, you will probably be skipped in case someone wants to use the laser cutter

– Make sure that the air assist valve is in the ‘ONʼ position, and that all the switches of the multitab are on

Materials not allowed in the laser cutter

  • Any PVC materials
  • Foam Core
  • Mirrored materials
  • Glass [if used for engraving] should be ‘maskedʼ with masking tape before laser cutting
  • If in doubt about a particular material,  please ask us

– It is the responsibility of the user to leave the 3dprinter clean ( no small filaments parts) when completing a job.  
– For improve the adhesion of the print to the printing bed you dispose of hairspray.  
-After finishing the print, you can use palette knife to help you take the model out of the printing bed.(be careful to donʼt damage the kapton tape-yellowish tape)  
– If you have never used a 3dprinter before, please contact the staff for help.  
– Check that you are using the apropiate software for each machine and that the configuration is the correct (square vs round printing platform)  
-Check first that there is enough filament leftover on the 3dprinter  
-If the 3dprinter makes strange noise/hits/ strange movements please stop it and contact the staff.

 Users are expected to supply their own bits and cutting stock. In addition, it is the responsibility of the user to leave the mill in a clean and organized manner while using the mill and when completing a job.  
– Cutting stock should be securely fastened to the milling table by screw holding or double side tape  
– If you have never milled before, please contact us in advance for help. – secure fastening of the work piece to the milling table  
-stay close to the shut-off switches  
-never touching the mill or table during operation.  
-never leave the cnc working alone  

Materials not allowed in the Cnc machines

  • – Any composite material
  • – carbon fiber
  • – all metal except of aluminium 

– Always check that the solder irons are off before leaving the lab.  
-Never leave an unused solder iron on.  
-The electronic inventory is very very difficult to manage so If you use something note it on the digital inventory or the white board. ALL THE UNITS OFF EVERYTHING ARE COUNTED  
If you use wires,spare parts, clean after you leave.  
-You can use electronic of the lab, you can get small parts for free but not all.Ask the staff  
-The SMD components( micro ones) are only for fabacademy  
-If you have spare part of make-a-thon give them to the fab staff or put in the boxes and update the inventory  


  • 1. The spaces used must be left clean, low volumes of waste must be deposited in the bins provided for this purpose.
  • 2. The user will be held  responsible for any accidental damage to FAB LAB Equipment due to misuse or not following the FabLab Rules
  • 3. File downloads are permitted. However, they must be in full accordance with the laws in force and not undermine morality, do not contain political messages or make an apology of ideology contrary to the laws and principles of our country. They will be transferred onto your own media after downloading so as not to clutter the PC and then deleted from the PC
  • 4.Ask the staff if you have any questions. He is also entitled to ask you to clean up if you should forget. 
  • 5.The Fab Lab is for electronic and light mechanical hardware work. It is not for heavy sawing, Dremel work or drilling. If you create dust you cannot contain, move outside, to the rooftop up of the Fab Lab. (ask the staff)
  • 6.Always return all tools to their correct place immediately after you are done with them. Clean them if necessary. Every tool has its labeled place in this workshop; put it there and nowhere else.
  • 7.Clean any desk you used, so the next person can enjoy a clean workspace when they come in.
  • 8.It’s not okey to leave any empty packaging, component material leftovers, empty bottles, pizza boxes , dead pets or any other trash lying around. We want this space to be a pleasant environment to work in for everybody.
  • 9.If something is empty, broken or missing, tell the staff


  • 1. installing software on computers without authorization of the FabLab
  • 2. smoke in the rooms.
  • 3. eat or drink near hardware machinery or equipment
  • 4. endanger or jeopardize other users by improper use of the tools available
  • 5. provide access to animals. It is prohibited except for animals assisting persons with disabilities
  • 6. delete files on hard drives or change the hardware configuration.
  • 7. to take local materials and journals made available in the Fab Lab.
  • 8. to copy, hack software or other protected files -Copyright.
  • 9.  to make counterfeit objects or create objects that can harm others through 3D printing.
  • 10.Yours designs must be produced and disseminated in accordance with the laws on industrial and intellectual protection


  • 1. When using the laser cutter and the CNC the users must be ALWAYS present
  • 2. Earphones, ear plugs, and safety goggles are provided, use PPE (personal protective equipment) provided by the Fab Lab, or provide their own equipment recommended for the use of machines;
  • 3. Follow the instructions provided on the FAB LAB website…if you are unsure of something,please ask a FAB LAB attendant.
  • 4. If you see or smell flames or smoke,immediately stop the laser cutter | CNCmill and get the attendantʼs attention. There is a small fire extinguisher mounted to the east wall of the FAB LAB.
  • 5. Avoid loose clothing when using the FAB LAB facilities, Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times in the CNC milling booth
  • 6 .In case of injury when using FabLab equipment, the participant has the obligation to inform the Fab Manager in order to record the incident.
  • 7. In case a user get hurt by the equipment FabLab Seoul  is not responsable
  • 8.If you don’t know how to use something, ask the staff
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